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After the formation of Hind Kusht Nivaran Sangh (Indian Leprosy Association) and rapid generation of data on anti-leprosy work in India, it was felt that to disseminate the information and share experiences, a medium should be in being which will bridge the gap between the leprosy workers and researchers in India. This was published by Dr Ernest Muir, doyen of leprologists, which led to birth of Leprosy in India in July 1929. Over the years, this became highly cited and renamed as Indian Journal of Leprosy in January 1984 by Dr Dharmendra (Editor, IJL). Abbreviated as Indian J Lepr, Indian Journal of Leprosy publishes the review articles, original research articles and brief communications dealing with the fundamental and applied aspects of leprosy in major as well as other mycobacterial diseases. While in earlier days of its publication, the journal mainly published leprosy surveys but from 1934 onwards, the nature and scope of the journal underwent a gradual change with increasing number of other research articles being included on each issue. Over the years, this became the voice of Indian anti-leprosy movement and took remarkable position in Global Scientific community within a decade. It is considered to be one of the best publications on leprosy published quarterly in four issues in English language and the credit for this golden achievement goes to heroic job of its distinguished editors whose name are as follows:

Table 1: Editors of Indian Journal of Leprosy

Duration Name Qualification
July 1929 to January 1935 Dr Ernest Muir MD, FRCS
April 1935 to April 1939 Dr John Lowe MD
July 1939 to January 1940 Dr Dharmendra MBBS, Dip Bact (Lond)
April 1940 to January 1943 Dr John Lowe MD
April 1943 to July 1955 Dr Dharmendra MBBS, Dip Bact (Lond)
October 1955 to October 1960 Dr N Mukherjee MBBS, DTM, DPH
January 1961 to January 1970 Dr Dharmendra MBBS, Dip Bact (Lond)
April 1970 to October 1972 Dr CGS Iyer MD, MRC (Path), FCPS
January 1973 to December 1989 Dr Dharmendra MBBS, Dip Bact (Lond)
January 1990 to June 2001 Dr H Srinivasan MBBS, FRCS(Lond & Edin)
July 2001 to December 2007 Dr SK Noordeen MBBS, DPH, MPH
January 2008 to Till Date Dr VM Katoch MD,FNASc,FNAMS, FASc, FNA

In the shaping of modern scientific outfits and maintaining the international standard of Indian Journal of Leprosy, contribution of Dr Dharmendra could not be forgotten. He was amongst the heroes of Indian Anti-Leprosy Movement. His immortal work as editor of this journal will always be remembered.


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